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MCS offers a complete line of frames including wall, tabletop and poster, as well as a full range of photo albums, scrapbooks and photoboxes. To login or register, please click below.

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MCS Statement of Principles

MCS is committed to being a good global citizen. We recognize our responsibility to the people making and using our products and for the effects our products and processes have on the environment. With this understanding, we aspire to:

  • The highest moral and ethical standards in the treatment of workers
  • The greatest value in the desirability and safety of our products
  • The principles of sustainability in our production, procurement and waste streams

MCS Principles of Sustainability

We recognize our responsibility to the world at large and generations to come. Our employees and associates are energized by the challenge of enhancing the lives of our customers through our products while preserving the environment. MCS believes the future is now and takes great care to conserve limited resources through:

  • Product Design and Production
  • Sustainable Sourcing & Procurement of Wood
  • Waste Reduction in Production & Transportation
  • Recycling Programs in Our Facilities & the Community

MCS Statement of Product Compliance

MCS is dedicated to understanding and implementing standards in the design and production of our products to meet or exceed all applicable product safety laws. Along with customer specific testing schedules, we are engaged in our own program of monitoring product safety characteristics. To that end, MCS meets and will continue to meet the following standards:

  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
  • California’s Prop 65
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
  • Toxins in Packaging Act (multiple states)
  • International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Standard ISPM #15
  • Lacey Act prohibiting the harvesting and selling of endangered species
  • Industry based design standards for safety in form, fit and function